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When I first arrived at VYC3 I was scared because I didn’t know anyone.The first day, I didn’t want to participate in the cheers and I was homesick. The second day was a lot more fun because I joined in the activities. I also met some nice people. When I was going to Disneyland on Monday I told my mom “it’s too quiet.” I had a really great time. Thank you for everything!

Our group, VYC Seattle, headed down to California two days before VYC began. We took the opportunity to visit Little Saigon, the beach, and Disneyland. We splashed around in the water, rode the surf, and went on a ton of rides until we felt like children again. Then came VYC itself. It was three days of fun and excitement filled with workshops, adoration, entertainment, and a talent show. In Cha Thong’s Finding Mr. and Mrs.Rightworkshop, I learned that if I just wanted a girl that had a personality just like me, it would be only a mirror image of me. Frere Phong’s Jesus Freaks showed me the strength of faith in the Vietnamese Catholic Youth. One of the most memorable events at VYC was the talent show. I portrayed Joseph in a comedic skit called The Dating Game, and we ended up winning. The other acts showcased skilled piano players and breakdancers. Our group was so loud that we all lost our voices at the end. After, we headed to Orange County to attend a barbecue at a VCSA (Vietnamese Catholic Students Association) member’s house. We played in the pool, socialized with other VYC participants, and watched ourselves on TV late into the night. Despite having lost my voice, I made many friends. Before heading home the next day, we stopped by Hollywood to do some exploring. I brought home to Seattle a new enthusiasm for my faith and for my hometown and group.

For me, it was the first time attending a convention of any kind, much less a religious one. At first, I didn’t know what to expect. The only thing I knew about conventions was that people chose to go to the various workshops. I didn’t expect for everyone from their different communities and organizations to come together. I attended the event with my four sisters, so that was a good bonding experience for us. I learned a lot about my faith and how to not be afraid to truly believe. I never want to forget the times of laughter and joy, and of silence and contemplation. Thanks VYC3 for the experience!