Who is considered a religious attendee?

You are considered a religious attendee if you are a bishop, priest, deacon, sister, seminarian, even the Pope! We will ask for more details on your affiliation in the registration process. If you do not fall under one of these categories, but would like to be considered a religious attendee, please contact us directly at registration@vyc6.org.

Interested in coming to VYC?

We are so blessed and thankful that you have decided to join us for VYC! Your presence and participation at VYC will be a great inspiration to all of the youth that will be in attendance. The following information will provide our religious brothers and sisters the necessary materials to follow our registration process. Please contact registration@vyc6.org if you have any questions.

Where do I register if I am a religious attendee and a speaker?

VYC is doubly blessed to have you in attendance! If you are a religious attendee and also a speaker, then you will register on a separate page for speakers. The page will be ready for you to register in late April. Please contact registration@vyc6.org and we’ll let you know when the page is ready.

Fees and costs for Religious Attendees

Religious Costs
Registration Dates Dorm No Dorm
Early Nov. 9, 2014 – Mar. 31, 2015 $87.50 $57.50
Regular Apr. 1 – May 15, 2015 $97.50 $67.50
Late May 16 – Jun. 15, 2015 $112.50 $82.50
No Registration Jun. 16 – Jul. 2, 2015 N/A N/A
Onsite Jul. 3, 2015 $125 $95

Waiver & Medical Form

All participants must complete, scan and email a waiver and medical information form in order to complete their registration for VYC.

Cancellation Policy for Religious Attendees

In the event you need to cancel your VYC participation, please email registration@vyc6.org to let us know as soon as possible so that we can plan accordingly and refund your registration costs.

Other Registration Questions

Please contact us as registration@vyc6.org