Being a young adult can be challenging. With the balance of going to school and work while maintaining healthy relationships, somewhere along the way we tend to break down. Life becomes too stressful or doesn’t go the direction intended. We busy ourselves with various things but still feel a sense of loneliness and despair deep down. Many try to fill this deep void with worldly temptations. Whether it be using drugs and alcohol as an escape or affiliating with the wrong individuals, these temporary satisfactions can only ameliorate so much.

What has society taught us about dealing with these feelings? Instead of judging happiness by mirroring those on the outside, such as peers or celebrities, there is the option of looking within to the one who loves us most – Jesus Christ. Living a Christ centered life means surrendering our worries and troubles to him and becoming renewed.

The theme, In Christ Alone, encourages us to turn away from the distractions of this world and refocus on God. It reassures us that Through Him, With Him, and In Him, we are never alone.