Frequently Asked Questions

As more and more people visit the website, we will post questions and answers to this page. If you don’t see your question answered on the website, please contact us at We will be happy to assist!

I noticed that VYC5 is for 16-40, but I’m older than 40. May I still register and attend?

Yes!  Please understand that we provide priority registrations to 16-40 year old participants, however parents and those over 40 are welcome to register and participate.  Please remember that you will be surrounded by participants in that age group, and your youthful heart and spirit will make for a great experience!

Is getting to and from the airport free? Will VYC5 help me?

Yes!  There are limited times when our team can transport you to and from the airport.  Please contact, after you register for VYC5 with your registration number and we can assist.   More information will be posted to the website, soon.



How do we have our group added to registration?

We look forward to having your group join the festivities! To have your group added to our registration page’s dropdown list, please email your group leader’s name, the state and city, parish name and group name in Vietnamese. Your group name will appear on the registration site as: [state][city][parish name][Vietnamese group name].

Please remind all group members to choose the correct group name when registering. Register at!

Are there group discounts?

It is our goal to provide affordable pricing so that all participants can attend and fully experience VYC. The registration fee includes all VYC materials, meals and lodging, if selected, throughout the entire convention. At this time we do not have discounts for group registration so we encourage you to register early by March 15, 2015 and secure your spot at VYC!

What are some benefits of group registration?

1. Reduces your time of managing group data because our team can send reports to you, as group leaders, with your participants’ information

2. Allows your group to efficiently check-in and checkout at VYC by avoiding the line for individuals

3. Allows VYC to connect with groups if you need help with touring, lodging or possibly be a part of entertainment for the program

Should I register as an individual or through a group or parish?

It’s all up to you. Registering as a group member shows your group’s spirit and also helps us
with dorm assignment as well with your VYC check-in and check-out process..

Who can attend

Can 15 year olds attend VYC?

Thank you for your interest in VYC5, In Christ Alone! We like your enthusiasm and welcome you to join us in three years for the next VYC. We strongly believe that VYC is an amazing spiritual and cultural experience that is most well suited for participants ages 16 and older. The content, workshops, materials and speakers are all geared for our older participants; however if you would like to come to VYC, please reach out to us at Approval for attendance is on a case-by-case basis.

Can 14 year olds attend VYC?

We like your enthusiasm and welcome you to join us in three years for the next VYC. We strongly believe that VYC is an amazing spiritual and cultural experience that is most well suited for participants ages 16 and older. The content, workshops, materials and speakers are all geared for our older participants; so to make the most of the convention we encourage you visit us again in 2018.

All good things come to those who wait and you’ll be happy that you did. Please pray for VYC and help us spread the word.

Registration Dates and Cancellation Policy

Do I have to register online?

If you require a paper form, you may use our VYC5 Paper Registration Form. However, VYC5 is not responsible for any lost paperwork or payment forms through the mail.

We highly recommended online registration for faster and secure processing. In addition, the first 200 participants will receive a free VYC T-Shirt. Please contact for further questions.

What are the registration deadlines?

Save money by registering as soon as possible. Check out the participant registration page or the religious registration page if you are a priest, sister, deacon, or seminarian. Where are here to help, so contact us at if you have any questions.

Package A (Admission + Meals + Includes Lodging)

Nov. 9, 2014 – Mar. 15, 2015 $175

Mar. 16, 2015 – May 15, 2015 $195

May 16, 2015 – Jun. 15, 2015 $225

Jul. 3, 2015 (On-site Registration) $250

Package B (Admission + Meals, No Lodging)

Nov. 9, 2014 – Mar. 15, 2015  $115

Mar. 16, 2015 – May 15, 2015 $135

May 16, 2015 – Jun. 15, 2015 $165

Jul. 3, 2015 (On-site Registration) $190

Cancellation Policy

Please read our cancellation policy before withdrawing your participation from VYC. To cover costs incurred from our registration vendor, we will charge a cancellation fee as a percentage of the amount paid. In the event you need to cancel your VYC participation, please email to let us know.

Date Fees Associated
Nov. 9, 2014 – Feb. 28, 2015 6% of amount paid (i.e. If you paid $175, you will be charged $10 and refunded $165)
Mar. 1 – Apr. 30, 2015 25%
May 1 – May 31, 2015 50%
June 1, 2015 and beyond 100% (No refunds during this time frame)
(Cancellation must be made by 11:59PM PST of these dates)

Can I get my cancellation fee reduced?

Under special circumstances, we may reduce your cancellation fee down to 6% for provable extenuating situations.  These are considered serious and unexpected situations such as car accidents requiring hospitalization, debilitating illness, or death of an immediate family member.  Proof will be requested. The VYC organizing committee reserves the exclusive right to decide which situations are provable extenuating circumstances. We thank you for your understanding.

Making Changes to Registration

If you need to make any changes to your information after your have already registered (such as T-shirt size, adding yourself to a group, updating email addresses), create an account directly with our registration vendor, EventBrite (, to update your information.

Click on Sign Up and create your account using the same email address you provided during VYC registration. You must enter the same email address that you used during VYC registration in order to make edits.

If you need to request changes from Package A to B and B to A, please contact with your full name, order # and date of birth. A $5 change fee will be charged for package changes.

Please email if you have any other questions.

How will lodging be determined for VYC? Will we get to choose our own roommates?

If you are registered with a group/parish, your designated group leader will determine your rooming situation. In compliance with university dorming policies, minor participants (16-17) must dorm together, adults 18 and over must dorm together, as well as same gender.

If you registered for VYC as an individual (no group/parish chosen during registration) and wish to dorm with another participant that registered as an individual, please email with the following information for both participants:

-Full names, Order #, Date of Birth, Age, Gender

-Please also CC the participant in the email inquiry as verification that they would like to dorm with you.

Minors/18+ and gender rules also apply for individual participants.

Can non-Catholic participants register for VYC5?

All are welcome to attend VYC5! We are thankful you are interested in learning and growing deeper in both our Vietnamese and Catholic heritage. Feel free to contact if you have any questions about our faith and our community.

Are you able to send out marketing materials to our group?

We are so excited to have you help us spread the word about VYC5! You can find marketing materials here (Promo Materials Page) For specific questions and material requests, please contact

What is the primary language used throughout the event?

The event is bilingual, with programs and workshops in both Vietnamese and English.

Am I able to transfer my registration to someone else if I am not able to attend VYC anymore?

Yes, but a $5 transfer fee will be charged to the original participant and no cancellation fees will be charged. Please contact with the following information to start the transfer process:

Original participant full name, order # and date of birth